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Homegrown Food for Wellness

02/22/2021 – 8 min read

The lifestyle that we are living today has exposed us more to things and activities that are potentially unhealthy for us. Our “adulterated” lifestyle is the most important reason for the decreasing life expectancy of humans. 

In the previous eras, people used to live longer because they used to live with simple ways of life. They used to eat simple, nutritious, self-grown food. The process of growing food is so long and hectic that all the activities beautifully suffice for the physical fitness of our body. 

Contrary to that, today, our eating habits have changed and they have changed drastically. These changed habits are having an impact on not just our lives but most importantly on our health. 

Yesteryear gave us a lot of reasons to stay healthy and immune. But, we have been hampering our own health majorly because of our food habits. 

Self-grown food or homegrown food is a thoughtful solution to help us and our families stay healthy together. Coming from a farmer’s family, my mother has always been enthusiastic about having her garden and growing her food. 

She tells me she used to help my grandmother in growing crops, back in her childhood. So, we have had our backyard garden for a few years now. Over the years, within that little space, she has grown different vegetables. This has truly kept us all at the best of our health. 

Also, it has made us more aware of some rights and wrongs of farming. 

Hence, here are a few scientifically-proven benefits of homegrown food over the processed, adulterated food we normally eat: 

  • You get fresh food to eat ~ Growing your food help will give you access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This is simply not possible when we are buying them from the market. Our food is picked up way too prior before we get our hands on it. Homegrown food gives us the reliability to pick fresh ingredients because it not only reduces the traveling time but also trims the higher expenses. And, it is a treat for our taste buds too.   

  • Your food will have more time to ripen ~ When you are dependent on your homegrown food, you are independent of the handling charges and the shipping charges that go into bringing the food from the farm to your table. This allows you to get fruits and vegetables that are appropriately ripened in your garden’s vine, tree, or plant and not in a warehouse or a shipping transport.                          

  • Your food has higher nutrition value ~ The fruits and vegetables we buy from the supermarket are most likely to have lost their nutrients because of the long journey they might have traveled from the farm to the supermarket. Therefore, growing your food can help you to get your food without compromising their nutrients they offer. 

  • You control the chemical involvement of your food ~ Because of the increase in demand today, farmers sometimes tend to inject different pesticides and fertilizers in the food to grow them sooner. This leaves us with no choice but to eat at the cost of our health. 

But, when you are the one doing it all in your garden, you can use these things in the required and appropriate amount. You become the in-charge and the chances of food contamination are much, much less. 

Homegrown will always have an advantage over processed, adulterated food. And now since we have read the benefits of homegrown food, let’s understand the ways in which adulterated food affects our health.

But, before we proceed, we need to know what is food alteration? 

Food adulteration is the addition or subtraction of any component to or from food such that it directly affects the natural composition and the nutritional value of the food. 

Food adulteration isn’t a new concept. To meet the supply of the ever-increasing demand, food adulteration has been increasing over the years. Therefore, here are the following effects. 

  • Leads to different diseases ~ Spices like turmeric upon adulteration become highly carcinogenic. The adulterant used is called Metanil yellow. If used continuously, it can even lead to harmful stomach disorders. Your favorite ice creams may be contaminated with washing powder and can lead to serious stomach and liver problems. Other diseases that can happen due to the adulteration of food are Diarrhoea, Cancer, Joint Pain, Heart diseases among many more. Sometimes, food adulteration can even lead to the worst of the worst situations like brain damage and abortion. 

  • Compromises the nutritional value ~ Adulteration of food heavily compromises the quality of the food and sucks out all of its nutritional value. It contaminates the usual taste of the product as well. The consumption of adulterated food can also affect young children, in the long run, causing issues in conceiving in the future. It also leads to the impurification of food, making it more harmful for consumption. 

Food adulteration is a serious concern. And, the most appropriate solution to this problem is to put in efforts and grow your own food. However, if you cannot, the best thing to do would be to directly buy it from the local farmers. This will erase the time of traveling and warehouse storage for the item, thereby decreasing the chances of contamination.  

Homegrown food is prevailing and gaining its importance for all the right reasons. To keep a track of the nutritional value on your plate, you can use our 360Wellness tracker. The inbuilt “nutrition tracker” on our 360Wellness app allows you to check the progress of your nutrition.

The progress and count of your daily nutritional value will be automatically translated into points and contribute to your overall wellness score. The revolutionary tracker allows you to choose from different diet plans that are suitable for your body. You can download the app on your iOS and Android devices. 

Health is our real wealth. And, nobody will take care of it more than ourselves. We’ll have to do it for ourselves. Our parents won’t be around forever to guide us. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to be intuitive and mindful about what we eat and what goes inside our bodies. 

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  1. Evita Reply

    My Younger brother loves growing flowering and non-flowering plants at home. He watches numerous online videos to learn more about them. Sadly, we do not have our backyard garden to grow them on a large-scale, and so we just have a few of them outside our window. Observing them grow, he definitely can notice a huge difference.

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