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Influencer in Spotlight Ange Ong

02/15/2021 – 6 min read

2021 is turning out to be the new era of wellness. People have adapted to the new normal and are pleasingly moving forward with it. Our 360Wellness application is meant to fulfill the exact needs of this new lifestyle that we are heading towards.  

Recently, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with one of the fitness instructors on our mobile application – Ange Ong. Ange, the founder of ANGE dansfit, has been using the 360Wellness app to conduct her Zumba classes for people all over the globe. Ange dansfit is a leading Corporate Wellness Specialist in Singapore. Established in 2010, the company prides itself on providing different aspects of facilities that cater to the holistic wellness of an individual. 

Before beginning her venture 10 years ago, Ange has had the experience of working in the financial industry for 9 years. It was during these 9 years when she started as a dancer initially. But, while she loved dancing she wanted to do more out of her passion and make it more fulfilling for herself and the people around her. This is how the leap of faith led to the beginning of Ange dansfit. Today, besides running her own company, Ange is a Zumba class instructor and a mobility coach. 

During the span of her journey as a fitness instructor, she holds the credibility of conducting Zumba classes for thousands of people. Today, she works with her personal clients that come to her for expertise in mobility training and Zumba sessions. Her approach expanded from conducting group sessions to conducting personal, customized sessions as per the requirements of an individual to transform their body and bring it to its ideal form level of fitness, mobility, and performance. 

She mentioned that 2020 was supposed to have the 10th year anniversary celebration of her journey as a corporate wellness professional, as a mobility coach, and as a Zumba instructor. But, obviously, the pandemic didn’t allow the execution of this plan. Therefore, like every other business, Ange shifted her classes and sessions online too. Embracing the new normal, she now provides virtual sessions for corporates and privates. 

It was during the pandemic when she joined the 360Wellness app to not just explore the app but to gain more exposure and interact with like-minded individuals. She is one of the few instructors who were brought on board to use and test the app before it went out for the users globally. She mentions the most important reason for her to join the app was the unique concept of fitness and wellness. She further adds how the revolutionary 360Wellness tracker was the first of its kind. 

This unique yet ubiquitous ideology of 360Wellness app rightfully gained it the TOP Asian Startup Awards 2020 in all categories by Pitchdeck Asia. And, it is because of the efforts of every person at the 360Wellness team that there have been more than 2700+ downloads within 172 countries across the globe ever since its launch in October 2020. 

Making progress every day, Ange Ong finds the 360Wellness app a fine fit to offer her services and connect with people across the world. So far, she had people joining her classes from Korea, Europe, London, and Taiwan. 

When asked about her take on 2021 in light of wellness, she mentioned how 2020 was a drastic experience for a lot of people in terms of fitness and wellness. She shared how the lifestyle shifted from work and personal life to binge eating and no mobility. She sees these two as the most important reasons affecting the overall health of an individual in every aspect. She emphasizes how wellness isn’t rotating around physical fitness anymore but an entire package that included mental, emotional, and nutritional wellness equally. 

Ange also shared while the new normal has been accepted by some people, some are waiting for the pandemic to get over so as to return to the old regimes at fitness studios and gyms. This is why we claimed in our10 Commandments of Wellnessthat a hybrid model is the future of the wellness industry. She pointed out that some of her clients are undoubtedly enjoying the virtual sessions but some of them are missing the physical, group sessions. She also shared how the virtual sessions sometimes become challenging for the instructor. 

As a mobility coach and a Zumba instructor, Ange points out the following benefits of joining her classes: 

  • Zumba offers great mobility for the joints

  • Breaks the daily life routine of stagnancy, especially in present times

  • Helps you in the hip and shoulders movement 

  • The body rotations improve the blood circulations 

Ange mentioned how she enjoys offering these classes to her clients. It’s more like a fun, Zumba party and less of a formal fitness class. Zumba gives her the liberty to build a fun-loving community that loves staying fit and well. There are people of all ages in her community. She has 60 and 70-year-old women working out while doing Zumba and absolutely loving it. 

She shared how the 360Wellness app will be a great place to be both as an instructor and as a user. Also, as we move to gamify the app in the near future, the 360Wellness app will give you the opportunities to not just uplevel your wellness quotient but to earn as well. So, whether you are a user or an instructor, you can download the 360Wellness app on your iOS and Android devices and begin to keep your all over well being in check with the 360Wellness tracker. 


Lastly, we concluded the conversation with an important message from Ange Ong: 

“Do what makes you HEALTHY (mentally, physically, and emotionally). Because being healthy will always lead to happiness!!!” 


We, at the 360Wellness team, cannot agree more with her message. True happiness is all about staying healthy in the right manner. And, our 360Wellness app gives you the most appropriate platform to track your overall wellness with the inbuilt 360Wellness tracker that gives you the perfect analysis of your fitness, feeling, recovery and nutrition.

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