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Live Online Wellness Classes with Influencers and Instructors

02/08/2021 – 7 min read

The pandemic brought along a lot of changes and some of these changes stayed with us permanently for the good. While the entire human race was affected by the novel coronavirus in some or another way, the fitness industry witnessed this major shift in its operation. 

The $100 billion fitness industry and the $4.2 trillion wellness industry were among the most affected businesses by the pandemic. 

Because the pandemic forced all of us to stay indoors, everything shifted online as well. From our work to education, from our business meetings to sources of entertainment, 2020 gave this revolutionary shift to our lives. And, workouts were no less spared from this ultimate change in the lifestyle. 

If people as consumers shifted from gyms and fitness studios to online workout sessions, the influencers, instructors, and the trainers of the fitness and wellness industry, similar to every other, shifted online too. Gyms and studios were now replaced by virtual, live sessions. Personal trainers now shifted to training their clients via Zoom or Goggle meet. 

Gyms were among the top businesses that were hit hard by the pandemic. Some recent consumer statistics showed that around 82% of the people made this great shift and around 81% of these have chosen to embrace this change and continue their at-home workouts. They don’t plan to return to the gyms or fitness studios anymore.   

The concept of “fitness and wellness anytime, anywhere” has been accepted by the consumers with open arms and hence, the influencer and instructors of the industry are left with no choice but to take their coaching and classes online. These live classes do not keep anybody within the boundaries of time. The consumer can book the live classes of their choice and the trainer can teach at these live classes at their own pace. 


This is exactly where our 360Wellness application comes in. Our app offers two major advantages for both the users and the influencers and instructors as opposed to doing these live classes through their personal means. 


1. Time Management – The 360Wellness application conducts virtual, live classes for 10-100 participants at a time. The backend on the application allows the user to schedule and find the classes manually as per their choice and time schedule. As the user selects their preferred classes, this saves a lot of time for the fitness trainers who partner with us. It allows the trainer to have participants from all over the world as we have had around ___ downloads ever since its launch. 

2. Financial Management – The 360Wellness application allows the influencers, instructors, and trainers to work hassle-free without worrying about overseas payment transactions. No matter where in world they are, they can collect their money from the application anytime and anywhere without any payment issues, which might arise otherwise when you work as a solopreneur. 


Our 360Wellness application isn’t just any domestic application, it is a global application for everyone. It connects the instructor with their clients directly without any middleman. The inbuilt 360Wellness tracker is a boon to its user as it allows you to keep your entire wellness quotient in check. You can download the app on your iOS and Android devices and enjoy it.

The post-pandemic world looks quite similar to the pandemic world as far the lifestyle is concerned. From working from home to working out at home, people seem to prefer this change and stay with it. This was the very reason that online training was at the first position in the Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends of 2020 as done by the ACSM.

The future will unfold with a great synergy between the physical exercises and live classes. As mentioned in our “10 Commandments of Wellness”, the hybrid model of wellness and fitness will rule the consumer’s mind and heart. Streaming live workout classes and personal training have been prioritized by people like never before.  

Yes, people are more concerned about what they eat in a day and how much they exercise, but at the same time, they also want to be able to practice self-care at their own will and pace. One of the many reasons that people prefer and continue to opt for live classes is the support they receive from other consumers as one big community. Hence, it becomes important for our instructors and trainers to continue building a community that uplifts others and practice the sessions collectively. 

Some recent statistics on personal training revealed that there are around 340,000 certified personal trainers in the US working professionally. And, the number has considerably increased by 21.5% from the number in 2012 of 267,000. The pandemic just fueled the ever-growing personal training industry and took it a step ahead with giving this massive online shift to these businesses.     

Social media live features has been another asset to the influencers and instructors during the pandemic. It gave them huge support and time to boost their engagement with the content they shared via their social media accounts. The audience and the users have been loving the process of adapting and staying in good health from their comfort. 

The hassle-free workout sessions, especially the ones that don’t involve any types of equipment, are absolutely being loved by the users. They have opted to stay with this change and going with the flow we can witness the influencers and the instructors doing live classes, conducting virtual group sessions, and even giving personal training on a more regular basis. 

The future of human health and wellness has been taken over by the power of science and technology. The use of the Internet to make money isn’t anything new but its use to stay well and stay fit is surely a booming choice to dive into at the moment. The wellness and fitness industry is growing brighter every single day. From physical fitness to mental wellness, from spiritual awakenings to emotional health, the future lies in the world of social media and digital space and none can deny it.

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  1. Evita Reply

    This is so true! In my case, since I had completed my 10th grade boards last year, I had planned to resume my sports training again last summer. However, this couldn’t happen because of the pandemic, due to which my classes shifted from physical to virtual training sessions. This did affect my overall performance. Nevertheless, these online sessions benefited me a lot, especially during these stressful times.

    I’m sure this app would be great! Awesome blog, Shweta!

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