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5 Ways to Express Mindfulness and Practice Gratitude at Work

01/02/2021 – 6 min read

Workplace wellness, as we mentioned in our 10 Commandments of Wellness, continues to enforce its importance in the corporate work culture. Employee wellness has rightfully gained its significance in the workplace and has become a responsibility for employers. Hence, as employers are becoming more aware of their role, it is important that employees express mindfulness and practice gratitude at work. 

The realization of gratitude alone becomes far more important in the workplace. It is not about making it a ritual, it is about imbibing the practice of mindfulness and gratitude as a trait.  

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude and mindfulness have contributed to the upliftment of a positive mindset, good health, and well-being by up to 25%. They contribute to making you feel more happy, increasing your energy levels, boosting your self-confidence, improving awareness, and peaceful sleep. Speaking of well-being, have you downloaded the 360Wellness app on your iOS or Android devices? If not, do it right away. The application comes with the World’s First Wellness Tracker to track the four major aspects of human well-being through fitness, feelings, nutrition and recovery. 


While gratitude and mindfulness are important, how one brings them into practice at work is something we need to talk about. We spend ⅔ of our lives working at our jobs. Hence, bringing the practice of gratitude and mindfulness into action has a great impact on our lifestyle and overall productivity. 

Here are 5 ways one can express mindfulness and practice gratitude at work: 

  1. Start your day with positivity

    A good morning leads to a good day. And, what better than a list of things you are grateful for at work? Begin your day at work by dedicating 5-minutes to think and write about the positive aspects of your job/work. Do it daily before you turn to your inbox, projects, or meetings for the day. The list need not be long. Keep it short, specific yet simple.

    This habit will help you in breaking the “I hate my work” loop. It will promote positivity in mind. Also, it aids in getting out of the bad habit of complaining constantly about things at work. It will allow you to kickstart your day at work with humility, confidence, and enthusiasm. Moreover, it will help you to be on the brighter side of work instead of the regular boredom.

  2. Be conscious about your actions

    Now that you have started your day at work on a positive note, you must practice being conscious too. Being conscious at work doesn’t imply being perfect. It means to be aware of what you say or do and how it affects your colleagues and other staff members at work. It implies being humble and empathetic with people at your workplace.

    Sometimes, the power and position at work come at the cost of losing one’s compassion for others. You ought to save yourself from that and treat every person equally irrespective of their status quo at work. Being mindful of our actions and taking responsibility for them is an important trait to possess, not just at work, but in life as well.

  3. Appreciate people randomly

    Appreciating coworkers, seniors, or juniors when they do something good, is a great way of expressing mindfulness. Their deed may or may not have a direct impact on your work or position at work, but appreciating people irrespective of that surely will. Choose to acknowledge people’s efforts and embrace their presence at work.

    Make them feel the importance they hold within the organization. It doesn’t matter if their position lies at the bottom of the hierarchy, choose to appreciate people when they do good. Next time you find someone like this, do not hesitate to send a quick text or email of appreciating them for their work, even if it is the smallest.

  4. Don’t be a multi-tasker

    No matter how much multitasking is glorified in the present work culture, the truth is – it doesn’t lead anywhere. Sure, we all have a hard time concentrating. The reasons behind this are different for different people. And, the best way to get out of this constant loop of jumping between several tasks at a time is to do one thing at a time.

    You can follow a 50:10 rule. The rule asks you to work on one task for 50 minutes and take a 10-minute break to balance your mind and keep you focused. This is a great exercise to practice mindfulness at work. It not only adds up to your productivity levels but it also allows the brain to function easily without taking any pressure. 

  5. Display your customer feedback

    The heart of every business ultimately lies in the client/customer satisfaction. If your buyers are happy with your services/products, do not hesitate to share their feedback with the staff. You can do this by having a display board of weekly/monthly feedback. This helps the people at work to stay on track and continue with their plan of action. 

    This can be a great way to show how happy and grateful you are towards the contribution of every single person at work. Hence, sharing the testimonials and feedback with staff from every department not only makes them feel good but also keeps them motivated to work towards the mission and vision of the business as one team. 

Expressing mindfulness and practicing gratitude at work only adds to the positivity in the workplace environment. If you are an employee or a business owner, creating a culture where people practice gratitude can not only empower your position as a leader but also pushes your employees to be better. 

This does not have to be a high-end thing. It can be something as simple as appreciating an employee in a board meeting or keeping a monthly reward of acknowledgment for the best performer. Yearly rewards of best performances usually add to the intensive burnout and race of becoming better. Monthly rewards allow people to work knowing that they have many chances ahead of them. 

Being mindful and practicing gratitude at work or in general adds up to adopting a growth mindset. It allows us to challenge our own beliefs that restrict or hinders our growth to become better as an individual. 


13 thoughts on “Mindfulness and Practicing Gratitude at Work

  1. Susan Taylor Reply

    This is a wonderful article on the importance of practicing mindfulness and wellness in the workplace! It provides meaningful tips on how to improve your life as an employer and as an employee. The value in this article extends beyond the workplace. The happier and healthier we are at work, the happier and healthier we are at home. Our families benefit exponentially! Thank you for providing your valuable expertise!

  2. Michael Jones Reply

    This is an excellent article. Appreciating people randomly is very powerful. It provides an attitude boost and sets an office tone. It also lends dignity to any warranted critique and frankly makes friends. I also agree that monthly rewards are the way to go. It gives employees something to strive for. Yearly rewards have a punitive factor if you don’t get one.

    Great work!

  3. Sara Reply

    Beautiful work. It’s such a great energy of positivity and care of others thank you for all your advices

  4. Evita Reply

    Shweta, this is so right! There’s a lot of power in practicing gratitude and mindfulness. It does improve our overall well-being and keep up the positive energy among all the people around us. This is so important to know and practice in our fast-paced lives!

  5. Carol Gader Reply

    Excellent article. Appreciation goes a long way and so seldome do most of us let those we love and those we work for and with know that we appreciate them.

  6. Aoife Power Reply

    Great article, Shweta! I am a true believer in gratitude and positivity. The idea of it being brought into business and practiced from the top down is fantastic and refreshing. Company Culture has been the buzz phrase for some time but rarely successfully launched or changed for the better. Perhaps they should read this article first to garner direction.

  7. Apocalypse Daddy Reply

    Great insight. It’s funny to those of us who practice gratitude and mindfulness that the whole world isn’t doing the same. Better sleep, more focus and creativity aside, it helps build a common understanding in the work place and more open conversation. Keep spreading the good vibes.

  8. Shweta Reply

    Thank you for all the love and appreciation everyone. As a writer, this feedback only encourages me to deliver more value ❤️ Thank you 🙏

  9. Lissa Reply

    Fabulous! Especially appreciate the section on Multi-tasking. How did we get ourselves into this bad habit? It’s crazy-making! lol! One thing, well done, at a time. Great advice. Would like to hear more from this writer.

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