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Online Fitness Classes
Part 1/4

21/01/2021 – 7 min read

With Online Training being the new fitness trend of this year and the pandemic changing how we exercise at home, it may be difficult to find motivation to try new classes and keep moving through the week. Thanks to the varied selection of trainers, there are multiple classes you can take on the 360Wellness app to keep up your fitness regime. 

The fitness tracker will motivate you to keep track of your progress during the week and help you achieve your health goals. Here are three classes you can take to switch up your fitness routine! 


Zumba – Eunice Lim

Zumba is a fitness class where you dance while sweating loads! It originated from South America, where its ‘inventor’ Alberto Perez learnt his love for dancing on the streets of Colombia. He was fascinated by how something as enjoyable as dancing could be turned into a fitness trend.

The trend for this Latin-inspired dance class quickly spread as hundreds of instructors showed up to his classes to learn more about this fitness routine. The most important thing for him when teaching Zumba is to focus on the customers and make them have fun.

Although Zumba may be primarily marketed towards women, these classes are a fun way to variate fitness routines for people of all ages. A quite notorious story about Zumba is the inspiring journey of Audrey Nethery. She’s a six-year-old, who was diagnosed with a disease affecting her blood cells, therefore making her anaemic. What makes her stand out from other young girls of her same age, is her love for Zumba. Her YouTube video quickly became viral when she was dancing with Zumba instructors at an Orlando fitness conference. This shows how Zumba classes can be a new way to involve people of all ages, including children, to pump the heart rate up while having fun!

But don’t just take my word for it, Zumba is also a highly effective way to incorporate cardio classes into your fitness routine. It can be an engaging experience and bring a little variety into your routine, rather than just do other cardio exercises like running which may quickly become boring.

A study from 2014 conducted by university professors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, involved women of different age groups on an eight-week plan to see how Zumba impacted their body. It found that they had lost weight and reduced their fat percentage and fat mass. These classes also helped them gain motivation and interest in working out more regularly, building motivation to stick to these classes over a long period of time.

These results show the impact of Zumba and how it creates a fun environment to burn loads of calories. A study from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) showed that those attending Zumba classes burn on average almost 400 calories per session, around 10 calories per minute. Impressive right?

To take part, join the 360Wellness community and sign up for Eunice Lim’s Zumba classes to burn calories while dancing around to energetic Latin music. It’s a great way to get you heart rate pumping while having fun. Eunice will make you move your body in an engaging way, while not needing any equipment and doing everything from the comfort of your own home. So, what are you waiting for?


HIIT Circuit Class – Vinz Low

An annual survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) interviewed over 4,000 experts in the health and fitness industry to establish the biggest trends of the year. At Number 5, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) was positioned, which involves short periods of intense activity alternated with short rest periods.

The purpose of HIIT workout is to get your heart pumping in a short period of time, so each class lasts only around 20-30 minutes long, as it focuses on investing all your energy in those seconds of work. Each session doesn’t last that long as you’ll feel pretty fatigued after a short session, as it demands more energy than other training sessions.

HIIT classes are a great way to incorporate quick cardio sessions into your fitness regime, as it doesn’t just improve your fitness, but also your mental health. A study conducted in 2020 by Psychiatry Research tracked individuals with mental illnesses and found that HIIT improved depression better than other moderate intensity activities.

Another study from 2012, conducted by Australian medicine professors, tracked the fitness journey of overweight males over a 3-month period where they included HIIT training classes of 20 minutes 3 times a week. It found that they lost weight and significantly reduced their fat body percentage. Furthermore, HIIT training classes can also improve the functioning of your cardiovascular system and metabolism, as a 2015 study, published by professors from sport and psychology faculties across England, shows. The same study also demonstrated that those taking part into HIIT classes had greater motivation to be consistent when training due to the classes’ short duration.

With the increasing popularity of HIIT workouts worldwide, you can take part too by booking a class with Vinz Low, founder of Zesty Kicks in Singapore. His 30-minute HIIT classes will show you how to break a sweat while building strength by involving all the muscles in your body. Be a part of the 360Wellness community and have fun while challenging your body with his effective circuit sessions.

LFIT – Jennifer Teo

It’s good enough to exercise your body, but did you know that you can exercise your face too? There are classes on the 360Wellness app that focuses on Let’s FACE It Together (LFIT). This is a new way to reduce wrinkles and improve your facial muscles’ strength. This session helps to exercise muscles in the face and neck, preventing the appearance of ageing.

While there isn’t much evidence around the effects of facial exercises, it seems that by massaging and exercising your face regularly can help reduce visibility of scars and the pulling down of skin says Dr. Olbricht, professor of dermatology from Harvard Medical School. She also says that while there’s not much evidence to prove that face exercises are efficient, trying these exercises don’t have much downside effects so if it interests you, go for it!

On the 360Wellness app, Jennifer Teo will help you achieve that glowing skin and strengthen your face and neck muscles with her LFIT session. With its duration of 45 minutes, you’ll see the benefits in your oral motor skills and facial expressions. 


Classes can be booked quickly and efficiently on your iOS or Android devices so you can exercise with others and be part of our community! You can either register your fitness activities manually or join some of the fitness live classes available on the app to reach your weekly wellness goals. 

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