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Top 10 Commandments of Wellness

18/01/2021 – 5 min read


Wellness as a term covers all the aspects that cater to the complete well-being of the human body. 2020 was an eye-opener for all of us, especially with concern for our health. The pandemic brought a major shift in our lifestyle. In 2021, people all over the world have chosen to embrace this change and go all into it. 

In a casual conversation, the founder of 360Wellness, Kevin Serou said something extremely important – “If there is one thing people should take away from these unprecedented times, is that nothing matters more than your health. The only thing we care about when the world falls apart is that our friends and family are well and safe. Where health is the destination, wellness is the journey!” 

The yesteryear forced us to go all digital. With no choice left, people have finally adapted to the new normal. With everything shifting online, our wellness needs have gone digital too. From daily workouts to meal plans, all of it is just a click away today. Hence here we are with the 10 commandments that will rule the Wellness industry in 2021 and beyond. 


1. A Hybrid Approach to Fitness

Continuing the major shift to digital fitness, virtual training will be the most efficient part of people’s wellness journey. With more fitness coaches shifting their businesses online and providing more personalized workout sessions, at-home workouts will remain the first choice of the masses.

A huge spike will continue to happen in online workout subscriptions. Being cheaper and more feasible than studios or gyms, virtual fitness sessions with influencers and instructors is the new normal.

2. Prioritizing the Mental Health

As much as our physical wellness people today are equally concerned with their mental health. As a result, simultaneous to the virtual workouts, virtual therapy sessions will gain momentum for all the necessary reasons.

Prioritizing mental health is the need of the present and the future. Therefore, 2021 will see more and more people using Wellness apps that account to keep their mental wellness in check.

3. Respecting the Health Needs of our Body

Instead of jumping into anything that gains the hype, people shall choose and follow intuitive and mindful eating plans. Going gluten-free or taking a keto diet just because everyone is doing it seems counter intuitive in respecting our bodies.

This year will be about choosing self before and beyond anything else. Therefore, instead of counting calories, people shall count the nutrient value on their plate. The effect it has on their bodies must be a priority.

4. Emotional Wellness

Now more than ever is when renowned public figures are becoming more and more vocal about their personal mental health experiences. This will continue to happen. More people will take individual steps to break the stigma and contribute in the right manner of having these sensitive conversations.

Technology will serve as an aid to this entire movement with personalized, virtual therapy sessions, and mental wellness apps coming into existence.

5. Workplace Wellness

Businesses shifting online have not completely swiped away the in-office workhours. With the distribution of vaccines, businesses are set to go back to the physical environment. As a result, workplace and employee wellness will list the strong needs of businesses.

As a leader, introducing wellness plans for employees will be of utmost importance. And, as an employee being mindful and expressing gratitude at work must not be avoided.

6. Strong Immune System

It isn’t required to emphasize the importance of a strong immune system. We had an entire year past us that taught us the very lesson. The attention towards strengthening the immunity and building physical fortitude will continue to increase for all the right reasons.

Inclusion towards gut health and microbiome pertaining to immunity will remain among the important health concerns. And talking about mental health will subject more people to focus on their brain health as well.

7. Environmental Sustainability

With all the havoc happening in our surroundings, environmental sustainability will manage to sustain its position among top contenders of concern to humans. Reduce, reuse, and recycle will be the motto. As consumers, people will prioritize sustainability- whether that’s food or fashion.

The human to human connection has already been replaced by the human-nature connection. 

8. Gamification of the Fitness/Wellness Applications

Technology has taken the driver’s seat in all aspects of life. We’ll have more people signing up for the fitness/wellness applications to enjoy the at-home benefits of their health journey. Therefore, these apps will now flip the coin by introducing games in them.

With the use of these apps increasing tremendously and cryptocurrency gaining more hype in the near future, users will have access to games and currency features as well.

9. Ancient Healing and Wellness with Ayurveda’s Mainstream Momentum

As wellness practices shift from prevention to treatment, Ayurveda will gain momentum in the western world. An ancient system from India, Ayurveda, is already popular in the eastern world. Its healing abilities are widely known. Hence, more people are turning to it.

Focusing on the alignment and balancing of the mind, body, and soul, ayurvedic self-care practices will be followed more.

10. Age of Taboo-Smashing Wellness

Sexual Wellness is still considered a taboo in many parts of the world. People often decline the need to pay attention to it. It is as important as the other aspects of human wellness. This is why the future focuses on sexual wellness and reproductive health. A massive spike in demand awaits in sales for sexual wellness brands.

Also, we will see people going beyond sexual wellness. More and more people will choose to invest in alternative ways of solving their health needs.


A Holistic Approach

Along with these 10 commandments of wellness in 2021, we will also see a rise in wellness practices that includes, sleep health, mindful rest, limiting our screen time, detoxifying our social media, being flexible about setting our goals, blissful aging, and fertility wellness for women. 

If you are planning to take your wellness quotient a notch higher this year, go and download our 360Wellness tracker on your iOS or Android device. It is the solution you need for all your wellness concerns related to how you train, eat, feel, and sleep.

As we are in the first month of 2021 which of these are you practicing already? Which of these is on your list of wellness 2021? Share your wellness plans with us. We’d love to read them too.   

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  1. Evita Reply

    These days it’s critical to understand that wellness not only includes being physically fit but also mentally sound. The pandemic has left us with the message of having some time for self-care. Online workout sessions have definitely helped a wide range of people due to their several benefits. Cheers to 360Wellness! Great content, Shweta!!

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